About Our Founder

In 1979, Dr. George M. Brown founded Christian Homes for Children. Since then, he and his beloved wife, Barbara “Angel” Brown, have pursued their dream of rescuing destitute children led by dedicated and humble service to God.
Dr. Brown's extensive background prepared him to serve abused and abandoned children. Together with Charles and Beverly Gatton, Dr. Brown and his wife established the Downtown Church of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri, serving the needs of our nation's poorest since 1963. As a devoted Christian counselor and minister, Dr. Brown's seminars and workshops have inspired the power of prayer all over the United States and have witnessed great successes in the ministry.
Moreover, for more than 37 years, Dr. Brown has served as a professor for Miami-Dade College. He is the first member of the teaching faculty to be honored as a Distinguished Service Professor and has been honored at  local, state, and national levels. Dr. Brown also authored the book Prayer Power and continues to donate all proceeds to abused and abandoned children.
In addition to his work, he has raised more than $20,000,000 in 38 years for destitute children. As always, he serves on the Board for Christian Homes for Children, continuing the work of God the best way he can.

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